The Institute for Neuroscience is a platform for 2 major initiatives

related to neurosciences in Flanders, Belgium

the Multidisciplinary Research Platform (MRP) Neuroscience of Ghent University and the Neuromodulation Research Theme of Ghent University Hospital.

The collaboration between the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences and the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences aims at creating a platform for supporting existing and future research groups in performing integrated neuroscience research. The Ghent Institute for Neuroscience focuses on two main research themes: cognitive and emotional control and neuromodulation.

Multidisciplinary Research Platform

The MRP Neuroscience of Ghent University is a multidisciplinary research partnership involving approximately a hundred researchers from the Faculties of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences, Engineering and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Ghent University.

The partnership was launched in 2010. The goal of this consortium is to increase the level of understanding of the neural basis of behavioural control.

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

Experimental Psychology Experimental Clinical and Health Psychology Data Analysis

Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

NeurologyPsychiatryNeuroradiologyNuclear medicineNeurosurgery

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Medical Imaging and Signal Processing

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical Analysis

Neuromodulation Research Theme

The Neuromodulation Research Theme of Ghent University Hospital focuses on experimental, translational and clinical research of the mechanisms and applications of neuromodulation in major neurological, psychiatric and cortical brain diseases such as dementia, epilepsy, depression, traumatic brain disease, cortical deafness,…

Anesthesiology – Pain Research GroupD.R.U.G.Neuroradiology - Ghent Institute for functional and Metabolic ImagingNeurology (Movement Disorder Research Group - Laboratory for Clinical and Experimental Neurophysiology) Neurosurgery Nuclear Medicine Oto-Rhino-Laryngology and Logopaedic Audiological SciencesPsychiatry Experimental Clinical and Health PsychologyExperimental PsychologyData AnalysisInstitute for Psychoacoustic and Electronic Music  

Institute for Neuroscience

A series of research topics have been defined in the area of experimental and translational biomedical research, cognitive neurosciences, structural, functional and multimodal imaging of the brain, clinical and experimental neurophysiology and neurological revalidation.

The partnership between the MRP Neuroscience and Ghent University Hospital provides an exceptional platform for integration of cognitive neuroscience and neuromodulation of brain diseases using combined resources of Ghent University and Ghent University Hospital

Steering Committee

Dean of the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences & Dean of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational SciencesCEO Ghent University HospitalPaul Boon, Neuroscience Director Ghent University HospitalWim Fias, Neuroscience Director Ghent University

Advisory Board

Christian ElgerItzak FriedMarkus UllspergerPatrik Vuilleumier

Suggestions welcome


Department of Neurology

1K12-IA, De Pintelaan 185

9000 Gent

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